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Cork v Tipperary 1960 NHL Final

This was at the old Cork Athletic grounds where the first thing you would take notice of on the way over from Douglas would be the sound of the Dunne Brothers, Mickey and Christy. I remember Christy had a little bag hanging from the neck of the banjo and i used to love dropping in the penny that i got from my dad. Don't know how that stand held up all those people i think its quite possible that these were people who just hadn't the money to get in. Us kids of course would duck under the turnstile and if a few kids went to the game on their own you would always ask an adult by saying " carry us in sir" and then you got the chance to see the famous Christy Ring. I think the band may be the Carrigaline Pipe Band.

Michael & Christy Dunne, 1979

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