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Donie Divil Mix

Traditional folk singer & entertainer with musical roots in Ireland & America.

Based in NYC, Donie is world renowned.  He has shared the stage with many legends of traditional folk music, both American and Irish.

Dan Neeley of the Irish Echo says "...Donie Carroll's new DC, 'Divil of a Noise,' a wonderful album that explores Donie's nostalgia for growing up in Cork and for when he first fell in love with music.  Donie is someone who needs little introduction to New York audiences.

Many know him from his work with the Washington Square Harp and Shamrock Orchestra and through his debut solo album 'Down the Slippery Gap' Many also know him from his very popular Friday and Saturday night sessions at Murphy's Bar in Sunnyside, Queens.

Donie's national renown is growing as well - he's performed on both of Joanie Maddens Folk N' Irish cruises and has become a fixture at the CelticFest in Jackson Miss.  A mojor part of this has to do with his unmistakable voice: although rough edged like Seamus Creagh's, it has a charm somewhat akin to that of his good friend Jimmy Crowley. 
'Divil of a Noise' has several standout tracks. Donie's rendition of 'In the Shade of the Old Apple Tre'" is lovely and delicate, while the 'Army of Today,' a song Donie remembers his father singing, takes on more of a music hall feel.  The latter starts with a sample of Eamon de Valera's recorded reply to Churchill's criticism of Ireland's WWII neutrality, and feature fine brass and woodwind playing from Darin Kelly (trumpet), Joe Exley (tuba) and Kate Bowling (piccolo).  Then, there's the catchy 'Are Ya Right There, Michael,' a humorous Percy French song about the inefficiency of the West Clare Railway Company that will surely have people singing along. 
There's something to recommend each of the album's tracks.  Much of the success of 'Divil of a Noise' has to do with Donie's close musical relationship with gifted multi-instrumentalist Gabe Donohue, who has arranged, engineered and produced the album.  Gabe has an incredible intuitive understanding of Donie's music and a great sensitivity to what sounds will frame Donie's voice best.  Donie also had the help of some top musicians, including fiddler Caitlin Warbelow, fiddler Heather Martin Bixler and singer Marian Makins, not to mention a rake of folks who need no introduction, like Jimmy Crowley, Joanie Madden, Mick Moloney and Billy McComiskey.   Donie is a special character in the New York scene, and this album is a wonderful showcase of his talent - it will absolutely delight the listener." 

Daniel Neeley, "US Based Corkmen Release Fine CDs" Irish Echo, Feb 20-26, 2013 
p 41

Paul Keating of the Irish Voice and Irish Central says..."While the talent and entertainment options abounded around the  Norwegian  Epic all week, some soirees really will stay in my mind’s eye as emblematic of what a friendly gathering it was.  

Once again Gabriel Donahue played a crucial role in helping Donie Carroll navigate the seaboard launch of his newly pressed CD 'Divil  of a Noise' that arrived just in time to make the ship’s departure from Miami. Since he worked closely with Donie on this album from his  state of the art studio in Center City Philadelphia and also Donie’s maiden effort a few years ago, Gabe was well clued in on how to let  it play out on ship and steered a steady course.

While the Clare chanteuse Maura O’Connell played the premier late-night gig a deck below in the Manhattan Dining Room with Bill  Shanley (Cork), Donie held an audience enraptured in Cagney’s Pub for a couple of hours singing most of the 11 songs on the new CD  plus many other songs that are in his repertoire.  
To say that much of this colorful and at times classic material has been left unsung for decades does them an injustice, but to see  them given voice in a homespun and genuine manner by the Cork native who captivated those assembled was a treat.  

The album sold very well aboard the EPIC, so that tells you a great deal of the kind of impression Carroll made all week while he also  enjoyed a relaxing time with his son Donnacha and grandchildren.

The new CD has sentimentality and history going for it, and a wonderful cast of musicians who welcome the opportunity to work and  play with Donie, one of the more popular musicians in New York City from his own pub work over the years as well as the more recent  escapades with the Washington Square Harp and Shamrock Orchestra and the resurrected Murphy Pub sessions in Sunnyside, his  home base.

Coming up this Friday night is the first New York launch for Divil of a Noise at the New York Irish Center in Long Island City beginning  with a cocktail hour at 7:30 p.m. and a concert to follow with finish that would be unpredictable even on the night.  

Donie has a load of musical friends coming along to celebrate his latest achievement, including some who were on the CD like  Donahue, Marian Makins, Caitlin Warbelow, Martin Daly, Johnny Jackpot, Dan Neely and “Tuba” Joe Exley and perhaps a few more s  surprise guests."

Paul Keating of The Irish Voice 2.22.13.